Thursday, January 17, 2013

What's Missing From Folic Acid Awareness Week

I ran across this blog and I had to share. This particular entry caught my attention. Virginia talks about what is missing from Folic Acid Awareness Week. Did anyone know that it was last week? Are you aware of the difference between Folic Acid and Folate? If you say "it's the same thing", then you really need to do some research. Take a look at what she writes:


  1. I've been following your blog and Dr Ben's for quite some time. Thank you so much for getting the information out there. I've come across a bit of information and wanted to verify it with you guys, but I was unable to find an answer on either blog. Do you know if there are flying restrictions for pregnant women with MTHFR mutation?

    1. I was not restricted. Keep in mind though that pregnancy puts you in a hypercoagulative state, and MTHFR on top of that leaves you incredibly susceptible to blood clots. My OB supported the use of compression socks/hose/sleeves. They prevent blood from pooling in your legs on long trips and also help swelling. Hope this helps!